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Java specialises in providing communications support for a broad range of clients from various industries. So, if you’re looking to improve your communications to a number of stakeholders, be they customers, prospects or the press we can help.


News press releases, technical trade press articles, blogs, case study articles, social media content and e-shots are produced by us every day.


We work closely with our clients to create a communications calendar of activities required specifically to meet their goals and then we deliver it for them to schedule. It can include regular ‘voice of authority’ articles for their trade press, submissions for trade press features, new product press releases, corporate news articles, or case study interviews with their customers.


Each piece of written content is then re-written to be suitable for a client’s website, sometimes in the form of a blog, maybe to go out to customers on an email and then shared across relevant social media platforms.


Each client requires different support and we tailor our services accordingly. But for all, we add value and they all communicate better from working with Java. Check out their views on our ‘Client’ pages.

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