Printed material may not be used as much as it was to promote a company or service but for some it still is a part of the mix and there are fewer experts to independently advise on the production of artwork for it or the physical purchasing of it.


Our founder, Jez came from a print background and worked in the trade for most of his career. He started out as a reprographic artist and ended up as a pre-press manager at a large web printer, so there is little he doesn’t know about it.


He can not read a magazine or brochure without commenting on the mistakes people make today on artwork because they do not understand the principles of how a page is printed.


So, if you want artwork produced for an advertisement that is to be produced in a printed magazine or a brochure designed that may be printed, Jez is the expert.

settle carlisle railway black book
barrier brochure printed
kitchen brochure